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The truth is, you don’t always know what you’re missing unless you have something to compare your situation to. Financial planning is complicated, and you want to trust that your advisor is doing their best work for you—but it can be difficult to know if you’re headed in the right direction when you don’t know what details to look for. At Glen Oak, we offer a complimentary second-opinion service to help you determine if you’re getting everything you need from your financial plan.

Life has changed - is your current plan still in alignment with your goals?

Could your investments perform
or be allocated better?

Does the advice you're receiving have
your best interests at heart?

Is your advisor's fee worth the
price you're paying?

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The Verdict

Every person needs a financial plan that’s unique to their needs and goals. That’s why our first step is to get to know more about you. By learning more about your values, risk tolerance, and vision for the future, we can better determine if the plan you have is the right fit for you.

After we know more about you, we’ll take a comprehensive look at your financial plan and assess whether it suits your needs and delivers adequate value. We’ll review your investment strategies according to the current market and your risk tolerance, determine if you’re reasonably on track to meet future goals, and see if there are any gaps in your protection plan. We’ll also review your fees to determine if they’re in alignment with the services provided.

Our goal with any second-opinion review is always to make sure your needs are met effectively. If we think your current plan suits your needs, we’ll be honest and tell you. If we think there are ways we can provide additional value that support your goals, we’ll outline how we can do that. We’re here to help, even if it’s just by giving you further peace of mind that you already have everything you need.

Get a Second Opinion